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Row Crop Spreaders

Our latest wide swath multi-purpose broadcast spreader with adjustable wheel track designed for large farms that need to spread lime and fertilizer.


Featuring a 15 ton lime capacity, the Row Crop spreader has a single axle wheel track that can be adjusted between an industry leading 90 to 152 inch track on 2 inch increments, ensuring it will fit between your rows.  The spreader comes “variable rate ready”, so just needs to be hooked up to the monitor in your tractor.


  • 15 ton capacity
  • Cor-Ten steel hopper
  • 7 gage Cor-TenĀ® steel pan
  • Fertilizer kit for rates down to 125 lbs/acre
  • Adjustable wheel track (90"-152")
  • Row crop tires
  • Plug to tractor hydraulics
  • Top driven spinners
  • Electric gate with indicator
  • Unibody, fully welded design
  • Structural steel frame
  • Extra body braces
  • 53-degree body sides
  • 24" slat style chain
  • CAT IV hitch


  • Flotation tires
  • Lights
  • Tarp
  • 304 Stainless steel hopper
  • GPS
Model Row Crop Spreader
Load rating 15 tons
Hopper depth 51 in.
Width 88 in.
Length 16 ft.
Volume 303 cu. ft
Overall height 117 in.
Overall width Adjustable
Axles 1
Wheeltrack (center) Adjustable
Tires 710/70R38 or 380/90R46
Weight 8,700 lbs.
  • Stockpiled (wet or damp) Ag lime
  • Fertilizer
  • Gypsum
  • Marl
  • Compost
  • Poultry manure
  • Sand
  • Crushed shells