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Stoltzfus Spreaders' new 10-ton WLS-100 Wet Lime Spreader, shown here with optional PTO hydraulics and corner pockets, incorporates Stoltzfus' proven geometry required to prevent bridging for hard-to-spread material such as damp lime, litter and compost.

The new 10-ton WLS-100 wet lime spreader is built tough, using Stoltzfus Spreaders' industry-exclusive full unibody construction. .

A heavy-duty fully welded walking beam, with spindle gussets and torsional support, ensures that the new Stoltzfus WLS-100 wet lime spreader easily handles 10-ton turning loads on any terrain.

A twin-pinion gearbox on the body chain ensures the breakout of any load—even packed damp lime—on the new WLS-100 wet lime spreader from Stoltzfus Spreaders, Morgantown, Pa., the company that invented the wet lime spreader in 1976.