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An upgraded rear center deflector on the Stoltzfus orchard/vineyard spreaders redirects more material from behind the spreader to the base of vines or trees.

A new bolt-on application for Stoltzfus orchard/vineyard spreaders allows quick and easy conversion to general field use.

Stoltzfus orchard/vineyard spreaders are available in 2- and 4-ton models. This is a 2-ton unit shown without limb guards. Built to the same standards as our larger agricultural spreaders with unibody construction, top driven spinners and steep side slopes keep even damp lime from bridging.

Redesigned front and side shields gently direct limbs away from the Stoltzfus orchard/vineyard spreader support structure, protecting tree branches and vines against damage.

With its improved nine-position side limiting deflectors, Stoltzfus orchard/vineyard spreaders can narrow the spread width to as little as six feet, ensuring that materials are spread at the base of the plants.