Stoltzfus Honors 50-Year Employee Larry “Pete” Weller

Congratulations to Larry “Pete” Weller on his 50 year anniversary at the company!

Stoltz President Bernard Hershberger said Weller’s career and skills are testimony to the quality and craftsmanship built in to the company’s products. “We really appreciate all of the years of dedication that Pete has given to the company and the excellent service he continues to give to our customers.”

Weller started with Stoltz as a stick and MIG welder, became a painter and then returned to welding.  He is semi-retired, but continues to work at Stoltz four days a week as the Service Parts Manager, a position he assumed in 2000 based on his previous experience and knowledge gained.


Larry “Pete” Weller, left, accepts his 50-year service award from Stoltz Mfg President Bernard Hershberger

Hershberger said Weller probably helped build most of the spreaders that he sells parts for, and was the primary welder of “sower” and conveyor chain used in Stoltz equipment. “We estimate that he has welded enough chain to stretch from Morgantown to Wilmington,” he said.

Weller was instrumental in filling orders from the former Milford and Valiant fertilizer companies, now part of Growmark FS, LLC. “He worked a lot of overtime on their “boom-style” spreaders. They would order 30 sets of booms at a time along with a thousand feet of spare chain,” said Hershberger.

“But a good thing for the company is that when someone stops by our booth at a trade or farm show, and has a question about a 30-year-old spreader, we can tell them to call Pete because he probably built it.”

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